ASi drive systems make electric vehicles exceed rider expectations. Customize the way your vehicle feels - and differentiate from your competition. Save space with our small form factor. Use ASi technology to accelerate your system.


Electric Bicycles

Powerful. Quiet.

ASi e-bike controllers are designed and configured to maximize rider comfort and system performance. We can help you avoid pitfalls in the development process, and we can maximize the potential of your system components.

Hybrid/Electric Scooters

Convenient. Fast. Comfortable.

ASi scooter drive systems are small, light, and durable. With a product for every power level, we can adapt to different markets easily. Maximize range and efficiency with a hybrid drivetrain - or go full electric for simplicity. The choice is yours.

Hybrid/Electric Motorcycles

The Ride is Everything.

Get a gear up on the competition by using an electric drive system from ASi. Smooth regenerative braking. Reliable sensorless control. The best dynamic overspeed capabilities.



Transportation doesn't have to be at odds with the environment. Cleaner air doesn't need to cost more, and good old-fashioned fun doesn't need fossil fuel. The right combination of efficiency, power, and intelligence can produce a vehicle that does more than just get you there. We're committed to a sustainable future - and bikes, scooters, motorcycles, ATVs, cars, and trucks are all part of the picture. Let's make the planet a better place - for travel, exploration, adventure - and for the next generation.